Long Time No See, Bird Boy || Cassie & Tim


His face suddenly twisted into fright as she started yelling at him, blinking and giving her a deer in the headlights look. “Uh…well, I mean we had our thing with the Teen Titans but…I was kinda busy. I had to go to China, then travel some more and then come back here and take care of a few things. I wasn’t really free to text. But I am now. Although, I don’t think you really want me to text you now. That’d be kinda rude.” 

He looked down as she clung to him, slowly putting his arms around her. “Sorry? For…what?” He asked half-laughing. Oh. Maybe the whole not believing me thing…but I can’t really stay mad at her for that. 

Was he really that different now? Granted, he was different before. Cold. Isolated. Things were better now. Much better. Conner was alive, Bart was alive. And Bruce was alive. There was a lot to be happy for. 

Glancing up at him, she couldn’t help but roll her eyes, “Yeah, don’t text me now, dork. But maybe next time send every now and then a ‘haha still alive lol’ text to me, okay?” 

A wave of guilt passed over her, as it had on multiple occasions since she’d heard that Batman was alive again. It hurt her heart, knowing that she hadn’t believed Tim after everything they’d been through. Why hadn’t she just listened to him?

"I’m sorry for not believing you… about Batman. I… I should have, and you don’t know how awful I feel about that." The blonde said, lowering her gaze, "You were right, like you usually are, and I should have trusted you."

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Wonder Girl. What brings you here?

Not really sure, perhaps I had a feeling you were probably up to something evil and conniving? 

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hello, i’m a new indie Cassie Sandsmark and i’m super awkward and just learning about indie RPing (have only been in groups before) so feel free to say hi to me 

Long Time No See, Bird Boy || Cassie & Tim


Downtime? What was that again? Usually the only downtime he got was when he was too injured to actually go out in the field and kick butt. But now? Now he could just…enjoy himself. 

What does someone do for downtimes nowadays? I mean everything that happened, I really didn’t even have the luxury of relaxing much. And of course relaxing to him, meant stretching out on the couch with a good book. 

Or flipping between channels and trying to catch up on the shows and movies he missed. Apparently there was a new Die Hard movie. How’d I miss that? 

Had it been earlier that year, Tim wouldn’t have been so happy to see Cassie. But that was all water under the bridge now. Things were better now. He was in a better place now. 

After getting himself another iced tea, that’s when there was a knock on her door. Please God let it be Girl Scout cookie time cause I really want some thin mints. 

Instead of Girl Scouts, he got…well Wonder Girl. “Cassie?” Did she really come all this way just to see him? 

Scooping her up in a hug, he beamed brightly. “I had no idea you were…well in town! And-” Looking over her shoulder, he frowned a little at the crushed lock. “You know, you could have just called.” He said with a laugh. 

To say she was shocked at Tim’s reaction was an understatement. In all honesty, Cassie had expected for him to tell her to leave, or not even say anything to her at all. He was happy. And happy to see her?

The blonde was swept up off her feet (hah) by him and pulled into a hug, which every part of her wanted to hug back just as tightly. Gods, she’d missed him.

However, Cassie was a little annoyed that, if he was on good terms with her again, why he hadn’t contacted her and, you know, let her know that he was actually alive. She very lightly shoved him back, and huffed, “Two months. Two whole months after our fight and you go off to gods’ know where and don’t even bother to contact me! I had to contact freakin’ Alfred to even find out that you were back in Gotham and okay! Do you know how worried I was about you!? You don’t even to bother to send a text! And I get that you were angry at me, I do. But I was so afraid that… that something had happened to you.”

Sighing after getting that all out of her system, she quickly hugged him, a real and emotional hug. Cassie wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face in his shirt. “I’m sorry.” She mumbled.

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Long Time No See, Bird Boy || Cassie & Tim

It’d been two months since she’d last seen him.

Two incredibly long months that Cassie had spent wondering if he was okay, and if he was even thinking about her. The chances were… slim. But she’d missed him. More than was bearable at some times.

The only reason she knew where Tim was now living, was due to having Alfred’s phone number and trust, and that when she’d called him earlier, the older gentleman was able to provide an address. It’d taken her a little by surprise that he was occupying an old, run down movie theater, but then again, Batman apparently spent most of his time in a cave, so it sort of made sense.

There had been a point, when she’d flown to Gotham from her home in Washington D.C., that she wondered if Tim would even want to see her. Was she making a mistake, dropping by unannounced? What if he’d already moved on…?

No. She wouldn’t think like that.

The blonde hoped (maybe secretly even prayed to the gods) he’d be happy to see her.

She landed in an alley, about a block away, before walking through the small paths between Gotham’s buildings. Trash littered the ground, and the occasional homeless person was curled up on the pavement. Cassie frowned to herself; it didn’t matter how much work heroes did, there would always be poverty it seemed.

Arriving at the front of the abandoned theater, she rolled her eyes at the fence surrounding the building, and the lock around it. It seemed she’d have to partake in a little property damage to get inside. She crushed the lock in her hand, and made her way inside.


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"Well, I can honestly say this is a wonderful surprise.” 

I see you haven’t lost your… sense of humor, since I last saw you.


favorite fictional characters .:. 1.5/x .:. cassandra sandsmark (wonder girl ii)

 I… I can’t die! I… I have midterms! I crammed for them! It can’t all have been a waste! 

rolling in on a burning tire || kyle & cassie


The former would-be artist whipped his head around at the blonde’s shout, ready to tell her to clear out until he caught sight of the symbol on her chest. He saw a similar W up to six days a week up on the Watchtower. If this girl was an Amazon, she could handle herself.

Scanning the rig’s interior one more time to make sure there were no more survivors, Kyle gestured for the girl to follow him before taking off for the exit, dragging the civilians through the air behind him. It would be easier to form a plan if they didn’t have to shout to make themselves heard. Setting the workers down on the helipad, the Lantern was forced to realize he knew next to nothing about oil rigs, oil spills, or how to stop them.

"Can you get these people somewhere safe," He asked, turning to look at the younger heroine as his ring checked for any medical emergencies among the survivors, "I’ve got to get down below to see if there’s anyway to block the oil coming up."

The blonde hero followed her ally back to the helipad, landing a couple of feet beside him, ”I think I saw a ship a mile or so back, I could fly them over there, well, not all of them at once. I can take maybe three at a time. If you can give me some time, keeping back the fires I mean, I can get them safely there.” Cassie replied to the Lantern’s question, before glancing back in the direction she’d flown from. She could see the ship in the distance.

He was right to think about the oil, gallons and gallons of the stuff was probably spilling out already. Cassie didn’t even want to think about the ecological effects this was going to have on the Atlantic ocean. She was sure Aquaman would have, or was already having, a fit.

Gathering up some of the workers, she looked back at the Lantern with a small smile, “It’s not going to be too much for you, is it?” She joked a little. It was kinda nice to work alongside another hero again.

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If anyone wants to para, I’m totally down. And I think Supergirl and GL Kyle owe me a reply!

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